Weekend Mash-up


We survived the heat wave this weekend and stated cool. Our new windows are in, and we purchased a swamp cooler…both of which made the 100 degree October weather bearable. Seriously, where in the world this heat is coming from is unreal?! But, it was actually cool in our house – something I never thought I’d utter after a 100+ degree weekend.

Thought I’d post just a few videos from this weekend. They were just little clips so I tried to combine them so that you wouldn’t have to do so much clicking…

Here’s our little ham, Asher…doing what he does best…entertaining!

Just another activity we tried to stay cool…which should have been for outside-only use, but it was hot so we made an exception for the bubble party! Don’t worry, the 17 +/- seconds shown here were about the limit before it moved to the baby pool on the lawn:

Not much else to report – we’ll post some “after” pictures once the window install is complete!

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