Riding off into the Sunset


Selah asked for our “girl date” to be a bike ride this weekend. Considering we got bikes for my birthday (yes, last February) with big plans of lots of bike rides, and we’ve gone about as many times as I can count on one hand, I was stoked for the request. What better way to enjoy a few of my favorite things: family (Selah), outdoors, exercise, beach, Santa Barbara!


I love that sassy kid so much. It was a fun (& little bit rough) weekend, and this was a great end cap. Couldn’t have timed the bike ride better – just made it around the entire bird refuge and back, in right before sunset. What a treat.



Even stopped a few times to smell (ok, pick) the flowers…



Then back to the car in the nick of time. Caught a few silhouette sunset shots to boot:





One more silly selfie for the road:

I think we’ll have a few more of these dates in the future! At least, we will if I have a choice! 😉

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