Summer Lovin’

My daughter starts kindergarten next week.  What a trip this life is; I know it is so cliché, but time just will not slow down since I had my babies.  Crazy.

Anyways, as summer comes to a close I feel behind on logging our memories here in this space.  We didn’t take any massive vacations or fancy summer adventures, but it has been one of lots of sun, water, and family…coincidentally, three of my favorite things.  So I’ll recap some highlights here through my iPhone photo stream. 

The lake is always a personal highlight for me, but this year the kids were at just the right age to really enjoy.  We had a rotating group of friends and family up, including some of our favorite Westmont girls.  Selah and Asher are lucky kids to be surrounded by these two (Beth and Missy):

lucky kids, these two!

This summer was Asher’s first try at ‘skiing’, and once he got used to it, he was unstoppable!  😉. 

   This is my first video attempt through the blog directly, so we’ll see how this works.  These might be the most boring videoes to anyone but his mother, but hey, that’s who I am, so here goes…my baby boy on the inflatable ski!
  And in case there are problems with the video above, I included another video of him getting even more comfortable (& tricky 😉):

Selah has also been spectacularly brave this year and is so much more confident in the boat and on the water, it’s amazing. She has little fear of speed on any of the inflatables, but she hasn’t wanted to try the real skis yet, and I don’t push her.  It’s not her personality to be persuaded; in fact, she usually digs in deeper, so we have tried to just let her go at her own speed.  
  In addition to the lake, we’ve had lots of other fun summer family time.  Here’s a set of my favorite picture series of our goofy family at Yogurtland escaping the heat:

We also had some great visits from Grandma and Grandpa.  One with Grandma joining us at the Natural History Museum for fossil days:   

   Looking back, that was one of our best days of summer right there!  Just the right amount of family, learning, playing, outdoors, fun, and silliness.  
Speaking of silly, these two take the cake.  I should have been writing down the funny things that come out of their mouths, but I haven’t kept up.     

Grandma and Grandpa also brought the Morris Minor down to a ‘woody’ car show, and the kids and I met them.  Asher wasn’t completely on his  game that day, but hung in there with some cuddles and copy-catting his ‘sissy’ looking out over the City College campus:

 There’s also been plenty of jobsite visits too.  My foreman, Paul, is pretty famous in our household since he lets them ride and climb on the equipment.  Selah frequently tells me that being an engineer “seems fun”, so I clearly need to bring her down more often during the more boring parts of the day 😉.

  Cutest engineer  goes to that guy.  😉. 

Ok, summer lovin’ part 2 will have to finish the recap since the number of pictures I’ve uploaded is close to making this post crash before publishing – sorry for the picture dump of memories.  Clearly this is my scrapbook, and sometimes it turns into a stream of consciousness to get my memory on paper (virtual), but at least my kids can look back and hopefully jog their memory on good times of us all together.  And far away family can glimpse into our crazy little life we love.  Here’s to the last week of our summer, and to my next post recapping the last pieces of the past months.  Much love!  

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