Quick Phone Photo Dump

It’s been too long, so I’ll post a few pics from this weekend. This is part of my project to attempt to take a sibling picture each day this year. So far I’ve missed two days, but at least it’s a start!
This series makes me laugh; you can pretty much picture the series of events by the progression:






And maybe if you are a mother you can relate to how difficult it is to get the older kid to smile normal at the same time as the baby is semi-content with sitting. And looking at the camera and/or smiling? Are you serious?! That only happens when the camera isn’t even in sight distance much less reaching distance! However, the above series certainly showcases real life with a higher degree of accuracy. 😉

In other news, we’ve set up Ash’s Christmas present up at home now:

And also as expected in Murphy’s law fashion, the box is much more fun:


Just two more, I promise. Jesse and I certainly never expected a blue eyed child, not having blue eyes ourselves. But looks like we ended up with two of them! Go figure. One light:

One dark:

But both just as beautiful/handsome to us! Happy New Year all 🙂

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